7 Tricks to Create an Insanely Unfair Advantage in Your Life.


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I built mental resilience on the back of desperation. But my best move was yet to come. “unpredictability” When you become unpredictable in life, that’s when you start to make life work for you.

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“Here’s a Secret: Less than 2% of People Use These”

In a world that often equates busyness with effectiveness, it’s easy to miss out on the genuinely transformational practices that can elevate our lives to new heights. I’m here to share with you seven curious, yet incredibly powerful, little tricks that can give you an almost unfair advantage in life. Remember, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill self-help tips; these are strategies that less than 2% of people actively employ. Ready to join the elite?

1. Embrace Being a ‘Top-Level Asker’

Too many of us shy away from asking for what we truly want, especially from those we perceive as higher-status or more accomplished. The fear of rejection looms large. However, the secret of the highly successful is their comfort with hearing ‘no.’ They understand that a rejection doesn’t diminish their worth. By daring to ask, you open doors that remain closed for the majority. It’s a numbers game: ask enough people, and you’ll find the ‘yes’ that catapults you forward.

2. Presuppose Your Greatness

Forget about setting goals as distant milestones. The most successful people don’t see goals as destinations; they see them as starting points. They embody the success they seek from the moment they wake up. This mindset shift is critical – it’s not about working towards success; it’s about operating as if you’re already there. This approach not only sets you apart but propels you into the top 1%.

3. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Complexity is the enemy of execution. In a world where accumulation is the norm, stand out by embracing simplicity. Make it a daily habit to eliminate the unnecessary – in your thoughts, your actions, and your possessions. This approach makes life more manageable and frees you to focus on what truly matters. Imagine racing against opponents burdened with heavy luggage while you, streamlined and focused, glide past in your metaphorical Speedos.

4. Prioritise Uncomfortable Conversations

The key to unlocking significant progress often lies in having difficult conversations. Many remain stuck because they avoid confronting issues head-on. Effective communication is liberating. By being willing to engage in uncomfortable dialogue, you not only free yourself from unspoken constraints but also open pathways to growth and understanding that others miss.

5. Cultivate Peak Mental Fitness

As a specialist in behavioral change and mental fitness, I can’t stress enough the importance of this aspect. Your mental agility and resilience are your greatest assets. Regularly engage in practices that enhance your cognitive abilities and emotional intelligence. This could mean meditation, cognitive behavioural therapy exercises, or simply adopting a mindset of continual learning. The sharper your mind, the more adept you are at navigating life’s complexities.

6. Embrace Your Unique Life Purpose

Each of us has a unique calling, a distinct blend of talents and passions. By identifying and embracing your life purpose, you’re not just following a path; you’re carving out a niche where you can truly excel. This isn’t about following someone else’s blueprint; for sure use it as inspiration but it’s about creating your own and living it with conviction and passion.

7. Invest in Relationships

The quality of your relationships often dictates the quality of your life. Invest in building strong, authentic connections with others. This doesn’t just mean networking in the traditional sense. It means cultivating deep, meaningful relationships that are mutually enriching. Remember, the most successful people are those who understand the value of collaboration and community.


Incorporate these strategies into your life, and you’ll find yourself among the rare few who truly grasp the essence of success and fulfilment. It’s not just about what you do; it’s about how you think and who you choose to be. Dare to be different, dare to ask the tough questions, and most importantly, dare to be uniquely you.

This is how you create an insanely unfair advantage in your life.

Tracey x

P.S Here’s another secret: A Million Tabs To One™️ is now live. See you on the other side

Tracey Hill

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