May 2024,

Join us for your intentional Pause moments

Join us at our private and tranquil manor set on 55 acres located on the outskirts of Bedfordshire.

Pioneering health & performance with the 
pause effect

Pioneering health & performance with
the pause effect

Where every pause counts

Welcome To The Pause Effect

Intentional Pauses For Intentional Living

To ensure you have everything you need for your pause with us, we will send you a guide on what to bring and what to leave behind and give you an insight into the intentional pauses we have carefully crafted for you. 



The retreat serves as an oasis of calm and growth, set apart from the rush of your day-to-day life, enriched by the company of vision-driven, like-minded individuals. Our retreat empowers you to reflect, reconnect, and realign with yourself and core values.

This intentional pause sets the foundation for a healthier, happier more fulfilled life.



The journey continues well beyond the retreat. Our post-retreat portal provides you with access to recorded sessions, short daily practices, and science-backed techniques, all designed to help sustain and integrate your retreat experience into your daily life. This ongoing community helps you to preserve and enhance the progress and transformations you started during the retreat, there by optimising your thoughts, feelings, and performance in your revived new state of being.



Join us in a beautiful natural setting that ensures your privacy and tranquility

In our often frantic personal and professional lives, it’s all too easy to become disconnected in the chase for more. 

The Pause Effect gently guides you back to the present, rekindling your connection with what genuinely matters and nurturing a sense of purpose, clarity and curiosity.

At the heart of The Pause Effect lies our integration of the Five Pillars of Health - Nutrition, Movement, Rest, Mindset, and Environment. This comprehensive deep pause framework equips you with the essential tools for lasting and impactful change, ensuring you're well-prepared to navigate the complexities of life with grace and resilience

The Pause Effect is more than a retreat - it’s an intentional and intuitive journey tailored to awaken awareness, foster rest and cultivate connections, specifically designed for founders and high-achieving professionals. Our retreat offers a unique blend of pause practices, personalised experiences, and transformative knowledge, all aimed at enhancing your personal and professional life.

Our mission is to empower you to seize control of your overall well-being, fostering an environment of balance, growth, health and happiness. This is not merely an initiation but an intentional launchpad to a lifetime of success fulfilment and self-discovery.

Creating pauses with intention not guess work.

Intentionally prepared nutrient-rich meals to nourish, cleanse, and fortify the mind, body, and soul enhancing your pause experience.

BESPOKE Nutrition

Intentional pause practices to amplify energy flow and foster profound body-mind awareness through mindful movement.

Mindful Movement

Rest complemented by mindful meditation, forms a harmonious foundation for clarity, vitality,  balance, and deepened self-awareness & and contributes to our intuitive intelligence and nervous system regulation.

Meditation & Rest

A well-nurtured mindset acts as both a compass and anchor, leading us to growth, adaptability, and resilience. Pairing mental strength and emotional awareness with effective breathing practices will improve how you think, feel and perform in every scenario. 

 Mindset & Breath

Immersing yourself in nature improves circulation and reduces inflammation, whilst fostering heightened states of creativity, connection, and awareness.


May 2024,

Join us for your intentional Pause moments

Join us at our private and tranquil manor set on 55 acres located on the outskirts of Bedfordshire.

"The retreat left me speechless. It taught me so much about myself. I felt grateful, inspired, motivated to chase my goals. I came away feeling emotional in a good way and beyond happy.

Ellie Bright - Retreat Attendee

Her journey through life’s challenges has enriched her with wisdom and unique perspective. From crafting beauty out of pain to thriving in authenticity, Tracey’s story is a testament to resilience.

The Voice of Adaptive Resilience where challenges become opportunities, and pauses become growth.

When you choose to pause with intention you seize control

Bid farewell to the weight of life's stresses, overwhelm and the relentless pressure of time constraints and welcome an experience that transforms the weight of obligation into the freedom of being fully present in the moment. 

Embrace Inner Tranquillity



Ignite Your
Intuitive Intelligence

Dive deep into self-exploration, peel away layers of ego and pretence and connect your true self. Explore your inner strength and wisdom, let go of habits that no longer serve you, and emerge with the tools to manage life's challenges in a way that aligns with your values.


Alleviate physical discomfort and inflammation. Experience the rush of revitalising energy coursing through your body, anchoring you firmly in the present moment.

Refresh Your Physical Being


Foster Mental Strength & Emotional Connection.

Awaken your intuition, strengthen your ability to bounce back, ignite your intellectual imagination, and confront life's obstacles with undaunted courage and crystal-clear clarity and focus.


Define Your Wellness Map

Step into the role of your own health champion, armed with fresh knowledge, new intelligence and skills to guide your mental, physical and emotional health journey. 

“If you're not truly pausing you're not truly performing.”

Tracey hill

The pause effect is not an escape, but a passage to extraordinary transformation that can redefine your life’s trajectory. It’s not just about the journey, but the lasting results you carry forward. 

Immerse yourself in a transformative 3-day Pause nestled in a serene, private location. Our space is curated to foster expansive awareness and rejuvenation, where every element is designed to refresh and revitalise your senses.

Explore the serene location

Our Lizi's Retreat, powered by The Pause Effect, has unequivocally surpassed all expectations!  The programme was perfectly and intentionally crafted to create the most beautiful opportunity for the participants to reconnect with themselves, pause and take a step back from everyday life.

It was a beautiful festival of reconnection and rejuvenation with the most amazing nourishing food and pause experiences which turned out to be life-changing for our participants. We hope this is the first of many Lizi's Retreats with The Pause Effect!

Lizi's Granola


What people are saying

As a  founder and a mother this was my first retreat  with no prior experience in pausing, I was completely captivated. This experience cultivated a well needed pause from work and parenthood, enabling me to replenish and reconnect with myself. I now integrate my learnings from this experience into my everyday life.

Truly a life-altering experience - one I recommend for everyone!

Mother and Founder


May 2024,

Join us for your intentional Pause moments

Join us at our private and tranquil manor set on 55 acres located on the outskirts of Bedfordshire.

Meet your facilitators

Tracey Hill

Tracey excels in unlocking human potential, expertly sculpting the minds of the elite. As a celebrated Hypnotherapist, Performance Coach, Educator, and Speaker, she masterfully engineers profound intentional pauses for her clients.

Tracey demonstrates that in these moments of intentional pauses we can truly tap into our intuitive intelligence and inner genius to harness our inherent power.

Her approach not only elevates mental performance but also transforms lives by revealing the profound strength that lies in intentional pauses.

Lisa Pauley

Known as a Modern Alchemist - a holistic practitioner that weaves physical, emotional, energetic & spiritual disciplines together, so to support a life lived in the most congruent & vibrant way.

Her skilled offerings epitomise the myriad of benefits of taking active rest and consciously created pauses. 

Lisa has walked the holistic path for over 30 years. And has practiced, taught and guided healing modalities that lead to deepening connection within oneself in yoga studios, private retreats, corporate settings, schools, forests and more.

As the founder of AromaSounds® - Lisa introduces a revolutionary healing modality that brings together practices to support all the systems in the body. AromaSounds works with sensorial pathways to connect us to a deeper inner awareness and a spaciousness within the mind. 

Lisa brings her multi disciplined holistic practices and whole hearted vibrant approach to life as the co-host for this retreat. Her gifts at holding space and in curating memorable self emergent journeys, offers participants the perfect partnership to experience the full spectrum of benefits of THE PAUSE EFFECT

April Moodie

April is a passionate multi-instrumentalist, plant-based chef, yogi, and holistic health coach. Her journey with vegetarianism embarked upon at the tender age of six, progressed to establishing a vegan café at 25. This culminated in a rewarding career as a holistic health chef and coach, where she nourishes body, mind, and soul with her profound expertise.

Jamie Clements

Jamie is a breathwork specialist and founder of The Breath Space. Jamie has worked alongside top entrepreneurs, politicians, athletes and many more, to share the life changing potential of breathwork and altered states of consciousness. After discovering out first-hand just how impactful breathwork can be, Jamie strongly believes that breathwork is the most universal and powerful tool that we all have access to change our minds and live healthier, happier lives. Jamie is trained in a variety of breathwork modalities and tailors this to his clients and groups accordingly. Whether it's performance breathwork for athletes, therapeutic breathwork for healing or simple breathing techniques for nervous system regulation, the power of breathwork can support us all.

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