Let's talk Intentional Pauses, and let me show you the Power that
resides within them.

Tracey Hill

Welcome to the immersive world of Tracey Hill, a hypnotherapist, performance & behavioural expert, plant medicine enthusiast, mother, and a relentless architect of her own health, success and happiness. 

Her story isn't a common one - it's a story that makes you pause, reflect, and realise that every experience, no matter how challenging, shapes you and prepares you for your next leap in life.

As the founder of The Pause Effect, she has dedicated her career to researching and practising the mind-body connection, human behaviour, emotional and intuative intelligence and alternative health therapies..

Through years of experience and dedication, Tracey has become a respected authority in her field, known for her ability to inspire powerful shifts in thinking and behaviour, often becoming a pivotal point in her clients' personal and professional journey.

Her mission is to educate others and provide proven methods for helping professionals build self-belief, resilience, strength, confidence, courage, discipline, and perseverance to empower their personal and professional lives to the fullest. 

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Pause to Perform

Learn the art of strategic pausing, a powerful tool for enhancing performance and productivity.

Adaptive resilience

Discover the importance of mental and emotional resilience in overcoming challenges and driving personal and professional growth.

Mental Fitness

Master the art of mental training, conquer challenges, and transform your aspirations into achievements.

Fearless culture

Explore the role of courage in creating a culture of innovation and empowerment.


Learn how to harness your self-awareness as a tool for personal development and success.

Mindfulness & wellbeing

Understand the importance of mindfulness and wellbeing in enhancing overall performance and quality of life.

An authentic amalgamation of topics, personal stories, and shared wisdom for growth

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She's a transformative force that brings a fresh perspective to personal and professional growth. Her keynotes are not just speeches and stories but immersive experiences that inspire and empower. 

She is a testament to the power of resilience and the growth mindset, advocating the art of the intentional pause in our 'always on' culture.

Her 20 years in the corporate world have given her unique insights into common workplace challenges. She emphasises that mastering the mind and emotions with intentional pauses can revolutionise performance, competitiveness, and survival.

Tracey’s mission is to equip her audience with the tools to cultivate self-awareness, confidence, adaptive resilience, strength,  curiosity and the courage to try at all costs.

- Jamil Qureshi, Leading International Performance Psychologist & Renowned Speaker

Always incisive and curious. She is able to ask questions and offer ideas that take firm-held beliefs into a new space of thinking. I have enjoyed listening to Tracey. She is a game changer.

"Tracey has a remarkable ability to understand the psychology of getting the most out of ourselves and others."

Kind words

"Tracey is a true expert in her field and a great ambassador for our brand. Not only has she provided a series of talks and masterclasses for our customers, she orchestrates our wellness retreats, creating sanctuaries of self-discovery and growth."

- Paul Chambers, Co-Founder & COO Poetsin.com

Her ebullient passion is infectious; she's tonic personified with an enviable intelligence that when you speak to her, you know she's compiling the next genius thing, the new potential zeitgeist. Whether Tracey is putting her all into building better minds for the now and next generations, or collaborating with you or your company, somehow, she makes you feel part of something really bloody special. 

"It's a rarity in life to meet a human being like Tracey."



As a seasoned host of two popular podcasts, Tracey's extensive experience in facilitating conversations and guiding discussions makes her the ideal moderator for leading panel discussions among diverse groups of panelists.

As a skilled and versatile speaker, Tracey is adept at delivering engaging talks both in-person and virtually.

With her unique blend of wisdom, humour, experience, and inspiration, Tracey will leave your audience with practical tools and strategies for achieving their goals and living their best lives.

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