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Welcome To The Pause Effect

Our purpose is to create pauses with intention not guesswork and help ambitious founders, heart-centred leaders, and creative individuals reach their full potential. We encourage pauses to nourish your inner ecosystem to improve focus and enhance your mental and physical capabilities & overall well-being.

Each tailored experience with us goes beyond relaxation, combining ancient wisdom with modern science to proactively protect your health and aviate your success.

What to expect when you pause


Nutrient-rich meals nourish, cleanse, and fortify the mind, body, and soul enhancing your pause experience.

BESPOKE Nutrition

Practices like restorative yoga not only amplify energy flow but also foster profound body-mind awareness through mindful movement.

Mindful Movement

A restful sleep, complemented by mindful meditation, forms a harmonious foundation for clarity, vitality, emotional balance, and deepened self-awareness & and contributes to nervous system regulation.

Meditation & Sleep

A well-nurtured mindset acts as both a compass and anchor, leading us to growth, adaptability, and purpose. Pairing it with effective breathing practices can trigger profound shifts in both mental and physical well-being.

 Mindset & Breath

Immersing yourself in nature fosters heightened creativity, connection, resilience, and a sense of expansive openness.


May 2024,

Join us for your intentional Pause moments

A magical private and tranquil manor set on 55 acres located on the outskirts of Bedfordshire.

Embrace the adventure of change with me at your side.

The Voice of Adaptive Resilience where challenges become opportunities and pauses become growth.

A space where intentional pauses spark progress, and rest fuels the relentless.

How you can pause with us


Tracey has a remarkable ability to understand the psychology of getting the most out of ourselves and others. Always incisive and curious. She is able to ask questions and offer ideas which take firm held beliefs into a new space of thinking. She is a game changer.

Leading International Performance Psychologist & Renowned Speaker

Jamil Qureshi

It's a rarity in life to meet a human being like Tracey. Her ebullient passion is infectious; she's tonic personified with an enviable intelligence that when you speak to her, you know she's compiling the next genius thing, the new potential zeitgeist. Whether Tracey is putting her all into building better minds for the now and next generations, or interviewing you (effortlessly, I might add), somehow, she makes you feel part of something really bloody special. Work. Mentor. Socialise. Whatever you get the chance to do with Tracey, I recommend you grasp it with both hands and hang on tight.

Co-Founder & COO

Paul Chambers

Tracey is such a powerful storyteller and has an incredible way of captivating an audience whilst bringing out the best in all her guests. She's a passionate and inspirational heart-centred leader.

Founder of EMBR 

Melissa Matson

Tracey has really enabled me to look at my life from a completely new perspective! I didn't realise until her programme, how many daily thought patterns I had that were preventing me from reaching my full potential in both my personal and professional life. Now that I understand how to be in control, I make better business decisions and I have so much more confidence!

Founder of Azori, Branding Studio

Pascale Ricchetti

I had the absolute honour and privilege of joining as a guest on The Proud Talk in November 2022, hosted by the wonderful Tracey. Her interviewing style expertly guided me through exploring and sharing my life-changing experiences in a meaningful way. It helped me to vocalise these in such a way that it would benefit anyone listening. I’ve given various interviews and podcast recordings, but this was by far the most enjoyable and impactful. Thank you, Tracey.

Disabled Adventurer and Keynote Speaker specialising in overcoming adversity and mental toughness.

Darren Edwards

At The Pause Effect, we awaken your genius and revitalise your inner ecosystem, enabling you to live to your fullest potential with conscious effort and ease.

We specialise in providing curated pause moments, sparking positive transformations that optimise overall well-being and boost performance.

Authenticity anchors our foundation, while a holistic approach weaved with science and innovation fuels our spirit. 

Our mission is to enhance lives, propelling individuals on their unique paths through customised experiences and delivering tools that trigger significant, lasting change.

We invent and design experiences so we can meet at the intersection of success and ease, with momentum and intention, effort and grace.

Each interaction serves as a springboard for growth, reflecting our commitment to uplifting every life we touch.

“Your mind is your instrument. learn to be it’s master and not it’s slave.”

Tracey hill

Her journey through life’s challenges has enriched her with wisdom and unique perspective. From crafting beauty out of pain to thriving in authenticity, Tracey’s story is a testament to resilience.

Creative soul, perspective shifter, devoted mother, pause enthusiast

Ready to master the pause effect?

✓ Get the reset you need to become fearlessly self aware
✓ Learn to manage emotions effectively
✓ Learn simple techniques to create lasting habits

In a world where the 'Always-On' culture is glorified, we challenge the norm and invite you to pause, to breathe, to reassess and learn a new way of being. 

We assert that pausing is not a sign of weakness but rather a stepping stone to flourish. We unlock your true potential through these transformative pauses, catalysing personal and professional success. 

By working with us, you not only balance the scales of life but also nurture a harmonious environment for success and ease to coexist.

Disrupting the 'Always-On' culture

May 2024,

Join us for your intentional Pause moments

A magical private and tranquil manor set on 55 acres located on the outskirts of Bedfordshire.

Access a harmonious soundscape of alchemy crystal aroma sounds. Dive deep, pause, and let the sound rejuvenate and realign your spirit, body, and mind.

Download your free soundscape

Access a harmonious soundscape of alchemy crystal sounds. Dive deep, pause, and let the sound rejuvenate and realign your mind, body, and spirit.

Download your free soundscape