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Welcome To The Pause Effect

In a world that constantly steals your attention and undermines your best efforts, one secret remains—the pauses you take personally and professionally are the gateways to unparalleled performance, freedom, happiness, and success. 

Imagine having powerful pauses in your tool kit to rapidly rewire your mind to achieve your goals, decode your emotional responses to change your actions, and to tap into the power of your intuition on demand for exceptional results.

Our approach enhances your decision-making and balances your mental and emotional health, helping you not just survive but confidently thrive in every aspect of your life.

By blending timeless wisdom and science, we equip you with the mental and emotional edge to succeed in the most demanding environments and revolutionise how they think, feel and perform.

Discover the secret advantage Tracey Hill’s clients use to magnify their outcomes. The Pause Effect guarantees rapid results, setting a new standard in the personal and professional  growth industry. Are you ready?

Intentional Pauses that Deliver Powerful Results.

Spend less time acting on impulse and more time pausing with intention in those critical moments of need and experience how to rapidly transform your mindset, vision, reactions and emotional landscape in minutes to..

Think better and sharper | Feel powerful and present | Act calmer and confident | Perform with focus and ease.

It's time to train your mind like you train your body. It's time to access your true potential.

Your Pause,

1-1  Performance Therapy & Coaching

Not your average corporate workshop.
Let's get mentally and emotionally fit to confidently perform at our best without sacrificing our sanity.- Where challenges become opportunities and pauses become the training ground for growth and connection.

Intentional Pauses for Intentional People with Powerful Results.

Helping you Thrive Not Merely Survive.

The ultimate membership-based pauses to enhance your performance daily, Build your mental and emotional strength and live
a confident and happier life on your terms your way.

How you can pause with me


Tracey has a remarkable ability to understand the psychology of getting the most out of ourselves and others. Always incisive and curious. She is able to ask questions and offer ideas which take firm held beliefs into a new space of thinking. She is a game changer in human performance and a coach I  recommend without hesitation.

Leading International Performance Psychologist & Renowned Speaker

Jamil Qureshi

It's a rarity in life to meet a human being like Tracey. Her ebullient passion is infectious; she's tonic personified with an enviable intelligence that when you speak to her, you know she's compiling the next genius thing, the new potential zeitgeist. Whether Tracey is putting her all into building better minds for the now and next generations, somehow, she makes you feel part of something really bloody special. Work. Mentor. Socialise. Whatever you get the chance to do with Tracey, I recommend you grasp it with both hands and hang on tight.

Co-Founder & COO

Paul Chambers

Tracey is such a powerful storyteller and has an incredible way of captivating an audience whilst bringing out the best in all her guests. She's a passionate and inspirational heart-centred leader and speaker.

Founder of EMBR 

Melissa Matson

"I feel more in control of my work life, and my personal life... this experience with Tracey has been life changing"

I felt like the success in my life and business, whilst it was good, was capped. However, I knew the problem was something within me... The work we have done together so far has been instantaneous! It’s been incredible to feel like I’m getting those ‘instant’ wins, as well seeing a clear map of long-term progression too

Founder of Azori, Branding Studio

Pascale Ricchetti

Tracey knows exactly how to make an immediate impact with her audience. Her style is both motivating, insightful and relatable. She guided me in exploring and sharing my life-changing experiences and helped me articulate these experiences so they would resonate with and benefit anyone listening. I've given many interviews, but this was by far the most enjoyable and impactful. Thank you, Tracey!

Disabled Adventurer and Keynote Speaker specialising in overcoming adversity and mental toughness.

Darren Edwards

We are delighted to have Tracey as a partner she is a great addition to the team at Being Human at. 
She is on a mission to equip her audience with the tools to cultivate confidence, resilience, strength, courage, and perseverance.
Tracey is a game changer for driving results with corporate leaders and teams!

Co-Founders of Being Human At

Paul & Carolyn

I had been thinking about contacting Tracey for a while - after hearing her speak.

We clicked immediately. She has incredible empathy and a powerful ability to hone in on small things I would say and help me to reframe them into something much more positive and game-changing!

It’s really incredible how in such a short time that I felt completely refreshed to get going in an accelerated manner. I just needed that ‘Tracey push’!

If you’re feeling stuck, just not sure which direction to go, or doing a bit of so many things but finishing nothing, talk to Tracey - I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Author of #1 bestselling book ‘Valued at Work’ | Engineer, & Coach

Lauren Neal

The Pause Effect, is where the art of intentional pausing becomes your gateway to a life of joy, fulfilment, achievement and strength. 

We don't just advocate for change; we ignite it, sky-rocketing your mental strength, emotional and Intuitive intelligence for your overall wellbeing and performance. 

Our mission? To elevate your potential. We believe in intersecting success with ease, momentum with intention, effort with grace.

The Pause Effect is more than a philosophy; it's a science-backed practice leveraging the latest in neuroscience, and sustainable human behaviour to cultivate an identity that's aligned with your vision, and a mind that's powered by you.

We dive deep into the neurobiology, creating cognitive shifts that lead to profound physical, emotional, and psychological changes. Whether you're chasing personal goals or professional heights, The Pause Effect is your partner in optimising and actualising your potential

Intentional Pauses, For Intentional Living.


“Your mind is your instrument. learn to be it’s master and not it’s slave.”

Tracey hill

Her journey and wealth of experience has enriched her with wisdom and a unique perspective. From crafting beauty out of pain to thriving in authenticity, Tracey’s story is a testament to building mental and emotional strength and unshakable resilience.

The Voice of Adaptive Resilience where challenges become opportunities, and pauses become growth.

Ready to master your Power?

✓ Get the reset you need to become unstuck and fearlessly powerful personally & professionally.
✓ Learn to train and manage your mind, emotions and behaviours effectively.
✓ Create a life where confidence, success, freedom, peace  and joy becomes  the norm

In a world where the 'Always-On' culture is glorified, we challenge the norm and invite you to pause, to breathe, to reassess and learn a new way of being and performing.

We assert that pausing is not a sign of weakness but rather a stepping stone to accessing your power. We unlock your true potential through these transformative pauses, catalysing personal and professional success. 

By working with us, you not only balance the scales of life but also nurture an environment for success and ease to coexist.

Disrupting the 'Always-On' culture

Create More Time, Freedom, and Fulfilment in Your Life in Less Than 7 Days Without Reverting to Overwhelm and Old Habits...