The Art to Perfecting Concentration


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The next time you watch a relay race or rugby game, notice how intently the runner stares at the receiver before delivering the baton or ball. Or, when you are at a concert, observe how the performers glue their eyes on the conductor to ensure their precise start together.

These are examples of how important it is to focus on personal success. The ability to concentrate on what you need to do and doing it well is essential for success in any endeavour. Successful athletes can focus on their individual performance while also keeping an eye on teammates and other opponents to ensure they don’t interfere with each other’s progress towards achieving their goal.

It’s a similar situation regarding personal or professional projects: Athletes are using concentration methods to do exactly what is needed to perform their best. Concentration and flow are two key elements to success; it is essential in high-performance roles.

Intense concentration improves your performance and releases the power of your mental potential, no matter what you are doing. Just as you use only a tiny fraction of your physical abilities, you habitually make use of only a small portion of your brain’s capacity. You can be reasonably successful when you use only a fraction of your power, but you can outperform yourself and those around you if you concentrate and flow into your untapped potential.

Focus on one thing at a time. As we learn how to concentrate on what matters most, we become more productive in our lives. Implementing flow allows us to focus on doing things better because we aren’t distracted by other things around us. 

You might think that concentration is something you’re born with, but it’s not. Everyone can improve their ability to focus and concentrate if they access the flow state.

Even though concentration begins with a simple decision to concentrate, it takes practice, and it may not be easy at first. Here are some steps to improve your ability to focus your mental powers and concentrate:

Relax. When you are nervous, worried, or “pent-up” your body cannot perform at its best. Before you begin any meaningful activity, take deep rhythmic breaths until your body is relaxed – and your mind is focused.  

– Skill Set “If there is a good balance between the challenge and the skill, then you start feeling flow,” Csikszentmihalyi says. If the challenge overwhelms your skill, you’ll be anxious, but if it underwhelms, you’ll be bored.

– Set goals for yourself that are within reach: If your goal is too hard to reach, you will lose interest and give up too soon!

– Set aside time every day for work or personal activities: Make sure the time is free from distractions (and other interruptions). Close your email, turn off your phone, find a quiet space, and signal to others not to interrupt you. 

One of the most important things you can do to achieve success is to make concentration a habit. Discipline your mind when you are doing important work.

Concentration is a skill that needs to be practiced, just like any other skill. You won’t get good at it overnight—but with practice, you will see results.

As I always say, repetition is the master.

In a world where you can be anything, be proud of who you are.

Lots of Love



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